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Album Review: Grace Carter Turned Heartache into Art in “Why Her Not Me”

Your emotion is an endless source of inspiration, an endless source to creates anything, including art. Sadness is as powerful energy as happiness. That is what Grace Carter shows in her EP, Why Her Not Me.

Grace Carter is a soul-pop singer-songwriter from England. She began attract lots of attention through her single, Silence. In 2018, YouTube Music calls her “Ones to Watch” artist. I think, Grace Carter’s EP, Why Her Not Me that she released on December 10th 2018, anchors her position as one of the most promising artist.

My first encounter toward Grace Carter music was also from her single, Silence. It was an acoustic version. At that moment, my thought was, “Whoa I’ve been in the same situation and how could she states exactly what I’ve feel?” Of course, her powerful voice enchanted me since the very first time too. That feeling is still course through me when I listen to her EP, Why Her Not Me.

Grace Carter Why Her Not Me EP

Why Her Not Me tracklist:

  1. Why Her Not Me
  2. Silence
  3. Silhouette
  4. Waiting Room (Demo)
  5. Saving Grace
  6. Ashes
  7. Half of You (Demo)

Why Her Not Me, consist of 7 songs, talks about heartache and empowerment. The first song, Why Her Not Me, talks about her family, her feeling of being rejected by her father, and her determination to overcome that devastating feeling and find empowerment. It is so strange to feel sad and yet strength at the same time. The lyric is so brutally vulnerable and raw that it leaves me speechless. And Grace delivers her emotion all out along the thunderous drums.

Without giving you a break to rearrange your feeling, Grace throws another demand through Silence. This time, it’s about how to be brave (man up!) and face a problem by talking about it, by choosing conversation instead of giving silence treatment and hope the other understand what is going on.

I told you before that this EP talks about heartache, right? The next songs, Silhouette and Waiting Room, talk about what it feels like to finally realize what rejection is. For these two songs, Grace cleverly put the main point in her powerful voice and only using piano tunes.

In Saving Grace, the only song that slightly give me sunshine among her stormy songs, Grace talks about valuing what you already have. Sometimes, we are blindly chasing things that we don’t have and only tiring us down. While, actually, we already pocketing the most important thing. It’s like realizing that, what is truly matter already stood in front of our eyes all this time. Grace also stated that she dedicated this song to her mother and to all women who helped her mother raised her.

The same frustrating feeling of letting go the love you can’t have reappeared in Ashes. She sings the lyric bite by bite with slow beat tunes instead of thunderous drums. By doing so, she leaving you taste only her helplessness without a trace of any anger. It is as if she shows you that heartbreak hurt, period.

Grace closes her EP the same way she opens it, by singing a song about her father. But this time, you won’t just feel her frustration like in Why Her Not Me. In Half of You, you’ll feel her maturity, her decision to embrace all those heartbreaks, even turn them into empowerment message that “in the end, it is your loss not mine.”

I’ve been listening to Why Her Not Me EP for weeks and every time the album ends, it hasn’t ceased to give me a goosebump and I still feel like tip toeing over someone’s diary. According to her interview in media, Grace Carter admits that her life is her source of inspiration and her songs come from experiences that she had or something that she felt. No wonder all of her songs feel so personal and genuine. You’ll feel or even relate to her sadness, frustration, anger, helplessness, disappointment–in short, heartache, but I promise you, you won’t have to swallow whiny, spoiled and empty love songs. Instead, you’ll taste her strength, maturity, power, and empowerment.

I strongly suggest you to take a listen to Grace Carter EP, Why Her Not Me. Here, take a listen:

Have a lovely weekend, dear friends 🙂

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