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“Assume Form” James Blake New Album Review

After almost three years, the English singer-songwriter and producer James Blake released his fourth album, Assume Form, yesterday, in January 18, 2019. The new album consists of 12 songs, including some songs that James has introduced before—Can’t Believe the Way We Flow and Don’t Miss It.

James Blake’s fourth album Assume Form is out now


Assume Form Tracklist:

  1. Assume Form
  2. Mile High (Feat. Metro Boomin & Travis Scott)
  3. Tell Them (Feat. Metro Boomin & Moses Sumney)
  4. Into the Red
  5. Barefoot in the Park (Feat. ROSALÍA)
  6. Can’t Believe the Way We Flow
  7. Are You in Love?
  8. Where’s the Catch? (Feat. André 3000)
  9. I’ll Come Too
  10. Power On
  11. Don’t Miss It
  12. Lullaby for My Insomniac

Aside from how honest James Blake’s lyrics are, what I love from his music is the way he creates interlude in his music. Sometimes, the dead silence during his songs makes you pondering the message that he shares from his music. Other times, those interludes simply giving you peace and help you slow down.


James Blake’s new album, Assume Form, still comes with the same formula. He talks about what it feels like to be more open up and being more reachable for the outside world in the first track, Assume Form and Don’t Miss It. He talks about vulnerability and anxiety in Tell Them, Barefoot in the Park, Where’s the Catch?, and Lullaby for My Insomniac.

Just like watching someone grow, James also talks about what it feels like to let someone in into your life and be in love in Can’t Believe the Way We Flow, Are You in Love?, I’ll Come Too, and Power On. Most importantly, I love how he delivers a beautiful sentiment toward a woman who was very giving to him, how her kindness touches him. Critics also note the love energy and optimism in this album. I think, it is safe to say that James Blake’s fans and critics are happy to witness the brighter mood in this album without eliminating Blake’s raw, honest, and delicate feeling in every song. No wonder, this album gets lots of critical acclaims already.


About the music, I still find James’ boldness in experimenting with the beat, the piano melody, and the looping technique in Assume Form. James also works with several talented musicians, which are Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, Moses Sumney, ROSALÍA, and André 3000. The result, the songs are fresh and yet, you can still taste James’ signature music. I think, we all agree, we cannot doubt James’ talent in singing. Man, he could hum, he could half-scream, or he could just simply talk, and the message that he brings in his songs will surely reach you.

In conclusion, James Blake’s new album, Assume Form, impress me. Assume Form is one of the album that I enjoy listening to whole of it. I definitely recommend this album to anyone who are up to hear good music—maybe not immediately easy to digest and enjoy, but surely worthy of your time. And if you give Assume Form a chance, I think you will find it difficult to stop listening to it.

You can stream James Blake’s new album Assume Form here:

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