• Throwback Thursday

    TBT: Black Coffee from All Saints

    It’s time for Throwback Thursday! Okay, this time I will take you to the early 2000 music which, I think, is one of the best music era where so many great musicians introduced their great music. One of them is my all time favorite girl band from London, UK. Yupp! Our Throwback Thursday for this week is All Saints. I’m so sure you already know about them, right? So many people said All Saints is one of the most successful girl band beside Spice Girls in 90’s and early 2000’s era. I was falling in love with their music since the first time I heard one of their song called Pure…

  • Monday Morning Playlist

    Playlist: Monday Mood Booster (Part 1)

    Wake up! Wake up folks! It’s Monday. Well, I know it is hard for you to see the fact that today is Monday. Maybe some of you feel nervous, scared, panic, or a little bit pessimistic about today, but you never know what will happen today. This day could be one of the best day of your life. So, get your body off from your bed, wash your face, brush your teeth, and wear a nice dress or shirt. While you sip your morning coffee or tea, we have CiN3Ma, Fletcher, Wild Cub, Miami Horror, Wrabel, Golden Coast, and Justin Bieber, everybody. I hope you’ll enjoy listening to this playlist…

  • Throwback Thursday

    TBT: Runaway From The Corrs

    In this our first post of Throwback Thursday, I want to take you back to the year of 1995. The year when I had my own Walkman for the first time and found so many great music through a cassette that I bought together with my brother. The cassette  include so many great musician which has a huge name until now. But, the most favorite and the most memorable one for me is one of legendary band from Ireland, The Corrs. I’m really sure you already know about this legendary brother-sister band, right? Yupp, I falling in love with this band since the first time I heard their song called Runaway when…

  • IOHO

    Orchid Forest Cikole, The First Forest Music Venue in Indonesia

    Hello again folks! In our IOHO section this time, I’m gonna write a review about one of concert venue in Indonesia, Orchid Forest Cikole. This place is known for its beautiful scenery of pine trees, various kind of orchids, and also their awesome lighting at night. Orchid Forest Cikole located at the highlands of Lembang, north of Bandung, the capital city of West Java. It is around 3-4 hours from Jakarta. This place was famous for its refreshing air and wonderful scenery. If you live in a crowded city where traffic jam is everywhere, Orchid Forest Cikole definitely will be a great escape from your daily routines. The Biggest Orchid…

  • Currently Listening

    Would You Be So Kind, Another Folk Masterpiece from Dodie Clark

    Love.. love.. love this song so much! Okay, I have to calm down. I should make a foreword before I tell you about how amazing this song. Hi folks! My currently listening for this week is Would You Be So Kind from the amazing singer-songwriter from England, Dodie Clark. I feel so shame that I just found out about this song lately. Actually, Would You Be So Kind was taken from Dodie’s second EP You that was released in August 2017. And this month, she just released her brand new EP called Human and it is as awesome as always. I have a plan to make a review about this…

  • Ivy Adara - Kustosica
    Most Anticipated

    Most Anticipated Singer: Ivy Adara

    All hail Australian musicians! Somehow, they never failed to amaze me with their music talent. This time, it comes from 23 years-old singer-songwriter, Ivy Adara. Her talent as a songwriter already seen when she wrote her first song at the age of 7. And at the age of 12, she won the Tamworth Country Music Festival Award for Best Songwriter. Adara took public’s attention for the first time when she participated on The X Factor Australia in 2016. Although, she did not win the competition, but her skill as a singer-songwriter is undoubted. Over the next year, she moved to Los Angeles and continue her career as a singer-songwriter. As…

  • IOHO

    Hotel Café: Home For Singer-Songwriters

    Have you ever heard about Hotel Café before folks? If you haven’t heard about this place, can you guess what kind of place is it? If you think it’s a hotel then you’re wrong. Or if you think it’s a cafe, well you’re wrong again. Give up? Okay, Hotel Café is a live music venue which located on Cahuenga Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. This awesome place already well-known as a home for singer-songwriter and a place where singer-songwriter perform their material in front of small audiences and help them established their music career. And yes, so many awesome singer-songwriter who become Grammy winners or Grammy nominees start their career…

  • IOHO

    Music Behind TV Series and Movies: How Important Music Supervisor for The Rising of Indie Music

    What is your favorite TV series folks? Did you notice the sense of music that played in a series or movies scene? Okay, We already know music is one of the most important part in tv series or movies. Music already become the soul of a scene and create scene become more alive and being memorable. Do you know who has to be responsible for every memorable scenes in tv series or movies that always keep in our mind? Right! Someone who we usually called music supervisors. Music supervisor is the person whose in charge and responsible for bringing music in tv series or movies.Yupp, they are the one who…

  • Playlist

    Playlist: Let’s Clap Your Hands!

    If you’re looking for some happy and cheerful songs to accompany your Summer, I hope this playlist can entertain you while you driving in your summer trip or sitting on the shore while looking for the wide ocean. All songs in this playlist has the sounds of clapping hands at the background which I really love it because somehow it brings happiness and calm effect when I hear it. So, I hope you like and enjoy this playlist. Thank you for visiting Kustosica.

  • IOHO

    Unsigned/Independent Musicians: The Real Struggle In Music Industry

    Lately, there are so many musicians who try to introduce their music independently. From the writing process until they released their own music. Not like some musicians who signed a contract with major record label, independent musician often struggling to introduce their own music. As the variation of music genre grows wider recently, we can find so many independent musician everywhere. For all of you who like to dig and discover some new music, I’m sure you can find a treasure in their music. Well, not like another famous musician who we can find easily in television, radio, or website, sometimes indie musician rely on people to find their music.…