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Bastille’s Other People’s Heartache Pt. 4 is What Happens When Talented Musicians Bare Their Raw Emotion for You

Bastille’s album, Bad Blood and Wild World, rarely talks about love and heartache. So, Other People’s Heartache (OPH) is your channel to listen to what it will be like if Bastille performs love songs. And hell, they sure do beyond a good job not only in delivering the emotions, but also in creating ear-catching tunes.

If you haven’t heard of OPH, this is a series of mixtapes that Bastille created aside from their studio albums. They did covers and mixtapes alone in OPH Pt. 1 and Pt. 2. In OPH Pt. 3, instead of covers, they created new songs and perform it with their fellow musicians, like Haim, MNEK, Rationale, Angel Haze, and Rag’n’Bone Man. The result was as fantastic as OPH Pt. 1 and 2. Now they are back with OPH Pt. 4, they come with covers, mixtapes, and friends; they offer it all to you.

In this mixtape, Bastille works with various artists, like Kianja, Craig David, S-X, Seeb, Swarmz, Rationale, James Arthur, Lily Moore, Moss Kena, and Jacob Banks.

This album doesn’t come suddenly. They’ve been teasing their fans, at least, since last year. Bastille released their cover of Cat Steven’s Wild World as the first hint of Other People’s Heartache Pt. 4 almost a year before, December 13th 2017. The cover is simple, they put the pressure on Dan Smith’s vocal and Kianja then wrapped it with some distortion to give the vocal some effects. Though sounds simple without lots of instrument, this one is still a gem. It caught your full attention and next thing you know, you can’t get enough of listening to their raw emotion while sing along with them.

Fans also had a peek of the third track, Grip, since this song has been introduced before back in 2015. In OPH Pt. 4, working together with Seeb, Grip comes with a touch of electronic dance music without losing its original color. Aside from Grip, Bastille also already released The Descent on limited vinyl before. I’m glad they worked with Lily Moore, Moss Kena, and Jacob Banks to include The Descent in OPH Pt. 4 since its availability was limited and kind a hard to listen to this track before.

In Other People’s Heartache Pt. 4, Bastille still gladly do lots of experiments—throwing mash-ups, samples, creating distortion effects in vocals and tunes—while stay true to their colors—the majestic percussive and haunting piano tunes. Take a listen to their cover of Charles & Eddie, Would I Lie to You? with Kianja, S-X, and Craig David. I love how they build the mood in this song, from persuasive tunes, comes the percussive build, then back into the convincing and haunting questions. Bastille also works with Craig David and Kianja again, together with Swarmz for their cover of En Vogue’s, Don’t Let Go (Love).

I love how Dan Smith’s vocal blend into all the artists’ vocals in this album, be it souls, R&B, rap, or dance. Like chameleon, he effortlessly sings various note to create harmony with other artists, he hums to enrich every song. Take a listen for your own self, their cover of Sweet Female Attitude’s Flowers. Bastille opens the song with a mash-up of their song, Two Evils, before fiddle with your feeling through deadly combination of Rationale’s baritone, James Arthur’s powerful vocal, and Dan Smith high notes. Smith hums, half screams, and does backing vocals, anything to splash colors to this song. And I’m hook. This one, by far, is my favorite.

To close this album, Bastille puts 66 seconds of Warmth in a similar style of the first one, Wild World. Simple and yet, it can’t stop you to press the rewind button, again and again. Now, now, now, before I bore you, here, take a listen of Other People’s Heartache Pt. 4 full album below and share with us what you think of the album 🙂

Have a lovely weekend, folks!

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