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    Most Anticipated Artist: Luwten

    Delicate and fresh are the words that pop in my mind when I first listen to Luwten’s single In Over My Head II. Immediately, I got a feeling I will love her music. So, I dig deeper and prove myself that she’s right. Tessa Douwstra is the woman behind Luwten. Instead of describing Luwten as Douwstra’s stage name, in her official website, she describes Luwten as her creative conduit. Her music’s genre is electronic, but, mind you, she has lots to offers and does fair share of experiments in her debut album, Luwten. There isn’t much personal info about who Douwstra is, except that she is from Amsterdam, Netherland. But,…

  • Ivy Adara - Kustosica
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    Most Anticipated Singer: Ivy Adara

    All hail Australian musicians! Somehow, they never failed to amaze me with their music talent. This time, it comes from 23 years-old singer-songwriter, Ivy Adara. Her talent as a songwriter already seen when she wrote her first song at the age of 7. And at the age of 12, she won the Tamworth Country Music Festival Award for Best Songwriter. Adara took public’s attention for the first time when she participated on The X Factor Australia in 2016. Although, she did not win the competition, but her skill as a singer-songwriter is undoubted. Over the next year, she moved to Los Angeles and continue her career as a singer-songwriter. As…