Throwback Thursday

TBT: Runaway From The Corrs

In this our first post of Throwback Thursday, I want to take you back to the year of 1995. The year when I had my own Walkman for the first time and found so many great music through a cassette that I bought together with my brother. The cassette  include so many great musician which has a huge name until now. But, the most favorite and the most memorable one for me is one of legendary band from Ireland, The Corrs.

I’m really sure you already know about this legendary brother-sister band, right? Yupp, I falling in love with this band since the first time I heard their song called Runaway when I was 6 years old. The Corrs brings their own music and combine it with Irish traditional music instruments, like violin, bodhran, and tin whistle. It makes all their music so special, memorable, and hard to forget. Plus, Andrea’s voice is one the most beautiful voice ever. A typical of voice that really hard to forget and you will know that must be Andrea’s voice although she doesn’t sing.

Okay, it looks like I already talked too much. So, I’m sure you already hear their song called Runaway, right? Do you still remember this song? Tell us what do you think about this song and shared it your favorite 90’s song with us. Thank you!

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