Throwback Thursday

TBT: In Too Deep from Sum 41

Throwback Thursday is like a vehicle to do time travel to the past for me. Since today is Thursday, kindly allow me to take you back to my junior high school memories with Sum 41.

I don’t really recall how I found out about Sum 41. But I remember, I have 4 albums of them–Half Hour of PowerAll Killer, No FillerDoes This Look Infected, and Chuck.

I picked In Too Deep as my Throw Back Thursday because this is one of their songs that I instantly love it. The song itself was release in September 2001, in the All Killer, No Filler album–which is my favorite album. I still love it till today, still tapping my feet when I hear it, still singing the lyric along with Derek, and still feel the burst of energy and feeling good whenever I hear it.

Seems like each time I’m with you
I lose my mind
Because I’m bending over backwards to relate
It’s one thing to complain
But when you’re driving me insane
Well, then, I think it’s time that we took a break

Today, Sum 41 already released 7 albums. Their upcoming album, Order in Decline, which will be out next July this year, will be their 8th albums. I have to admit that after Chuck, I’ve lost track of their music. That may happen because my music preference change. One thing for sure, their old music always have a place for me.

Now, while we wait for Order in Decline to be release, let’s hit the “play” button and enjoy In Too Deep, one of their great songs.

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